Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My New Target of 2008

Cannot imagine if the world just left only with work work work...... Since my promotion end of Dec 2007, life is just too busy and occupied with job.....travelling, training and deadline. I worked from 7am to 7pm, just too tired. I am still learning and adjusting between job and family life.

A lot of pressure come in because of meeting deadline and new things to pick up......It is a process for sure and only thing that make me feel right is this is a new challenge to lead me to another level. It is a good to move up my confidence level to another stage.

There is just too many things to learn in life, as said if life only left job, it is no meaning, may be I haven't found some job that really worth my entire time to spend on it....and I am still seeking.

To me, children is just too important, hence I have a new direction now, I hope to spend another 3 years working before settle down as a housewife, spend full time with children when they need me. I am not so sure if I am trying to escape from pressure.....but I think (at least at this point of time) it is a right move.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year To All

Hello to my friends

It is really a long time since my last update. Busy as a common excuse but I really was in the past. Indeed, the longer I drag the longer I don't dare to open my blog. Luckily not many read my post and it really make me feel better. Unless I compromise my sleeping time, I don't have much time to write. Hopefully I got notebook next year I have more time to write but definitely if continue busy at work and spent time with family, my post will not be constant.

Sorry for those tag post I had promised to write but failed to do it. meanwhile, I would like to write something more personnel whenever I have time. Time fly and I would like to wish all my friends here

Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year & Happy all the time!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hello! I am Back

I am sure somebody would leave messages to me, no need to say thanks lah, to show my greatest support is to visit your blog, wait, let me finish my post first. (Don't know if my mailbox is full??

Honestly, time is not enough for me. Finished my camp, now is busy about job,job, job.....cause busy transfer job to new comer....cause my company will shut down operation here and move to Thailand Jan 1. This is the last month before I change to new position. Luckily and must thanks Lord because I am still employed, unluckily the one who taking over my job has just come in for training early Nov. Could you imagine a new comer who need to learn and take over all job loads and functions from a department ( I run a whole department, indeed everyone in my company runs a whole department) just in 2 month time?? Cannot leh, that's why I need to have a very close guidance on her, that's why I will be very busy this month .....and next week will be in Thailand.......Blogging....forget about it lah! Don't know if I have more time next year??? Things really cannot predict lah! I hope things can be normalise in 1st quarter next year. With the change of new post, expect to have more challenge and hopefully can fly more ....

A lot of things happened recently, I hop I can share later. This is just some of my update as at now. Year end is busy but excited because a lot of festival and big day for me....celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year (going back Sibu, so fun you know!), celebrate my anniversary/ birthday and new year on Jan 31 (Three in one) must be fun fun fun.

I would like to write my achievement and thanksgiving for 2007, in fact I think everyone should has things to share about......let me find time to write it later. See you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Away for A While, Don't Miss Me!

To those who care and concern about me - thanks for continue supports and encouragements left in my blog (except Sean because he is just so cunning). I have been so busy this week , busy for job (more news given later), busy for church's youth camp that coming on Saturday to Monday. So I apology for not being able to give you all my courteous reply and visit your blogs. Yes, La'beille can witness and testify that how busy I am. I will do it when I am back. Don't miss me, I will see you next week.

To Dora, let me see your tag easy or not first, you know last tag I did it an hour or two leh, so hard one. Never mind lah, I think I will give you face because you did my tag too (See see see, I learn so fast from Sean - a cunning one).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank You To Those Who Care About Me

Following my post yesterday - A Bit Moody, I am so thankful because I receive your encouragement today, thanks to Sasha, Sean, Crumsy Mommy, Shooi and Dora......appreciate that....very very much......and I am in good mood again! Yeah, Yeah,Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.......!

I want to shout out loud because I have you all out there with me who share my joy, my sorrow, my pride and my lost.